Metal Roofing – Standing Seam

Standing Seam roofs are a Texas hill country staple. These beautiful roofs not only enhance the beauty of your home, they increase its value, minimize maintenance costs and are energy efficient.  At Churchill Roofing we only use the highest quality products available.

At Churchill Roofing we have made it our goal to become the industry experts in custom standing seam metal roofs and that is why 90% of the roofs we install are standing seam metal roofs. Unlike conventional shingle roofing systems, standing seam metal roofs are like creating pieces of art. Each panel is formed on site and all the trim is hand cut to precisely fit your roof. No one house is the same and when completed each house becomes its own masterpiece.

Standing Seam roofs have many benefits besides their outstanding beauty and charm!  These roof systems can last anywhere from 40-60 years, are naturally energy efficient and do not require extensive maintenance like many clay and concrete tile roofs.  They are an ideal pick for the hill country because they can withstand our intense summers and are extremely durable when it comes to hail and wind.

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